Gregg Petersen

Gregg is co-chair of the LMBO Development Committee. He is a Wisconsin native and a biology major from Ripon College. After a 38-year government and consulting career, Gregg qualified as a Maryland Master Naturalist volunteer after he retired in 2015. Since then, he has served as a Nature Forward (Chevy Chase, MD) Quarterly Water Monitor for six sites, a Watershed Report Card instructor for high school freshmen for Howard County (MD) Conservancy, a macroinvertebrate docent for Robinson Nature Center in Columbia, Maryland, and a Maryland Master Naturalist Aquatic Ecology instructor. Gregg is a Certified Taxonomist for identification of North American Aquatic Insects by the Society for Freshwater Science.

In 2022, Gregg was elected as the Howard County (MD) Bird Club vice president and now serves as its president. He is also an amateur bird photographer whose pictures have been featured in the LMBO annual calendar.

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